Blessed to Bless


Expression of Faith

Rev Larry Abbott

The Life We Live

A Life of Faith

Blessing Our Community: Who do we touch?

Blessing Our Community: Blessed to Bless

Blessing Our Community: Pentecost was not a sit-in

Blessing Our Community: Good Excuses

Blessing Our Community: Skin in the Game

April 28: Rev. Everett Lybarger

Blessing Our Community: Eyes of Compassion

Blessing Our Community: Holy Huddle or serving Community

Blessing Our community: Called to be a Hero

Blessing Our Community: The Greatest Hero of All

Abide with Us: Horn of Salvaton

Abide with Us: Righteousness through Grace

Abide with Us: Discipleship of a Martyr

Abide with Us: Laying Down Life

Abide with Us: True Worship

Abide with Us: Forgiveness

Discipline! The Good Kind

God's Stewards: Stewards of Our Treasures

God's Stewards: Stewards of Our Talent

God's Stewards: Stewards of Our Testimony

God's Stewards - Stewards of Our Time

New Beginnings

Rev. Everett Lybarger

Joy in Every Longing Heart: Peace

Joy of Every Longing Heart: Joy

Christmas Program/ Joy of Every Longng heart: LOVE

Joy of Every Longing Heart LIGHT

Giving Thanks

Sanctified, Failure, Victory

God's Will for You

Salvation - Greg Bradley


Rev. Everett Lybarger

Stay True

The Most Important Goal

A Humble Attitude

Living for Chirst

Unity in Differences

What a Christian Life Looks LIke

Sept. 3, 2023 Rev. Everett Lybarger

God's Not Done

A Close Message

NYC Experience

Fellowship with God

God's Plan for Victory

A Message to Share

Please Sorry Thanks - Thanks

Please Sorry Thanks Sorry

Custom Garage Loving God, Serving others VBS


Dr. Joel Cocklin June 11, 2023

June 4, 2023 Dr. Joel Cocklin

The Big Deal About Pentecost

Yes to Becoming a Christlike Disciple

Bring People to Jesus

Divine Appointments

Message by Rev. Everett Lybarger

Our Concerns

Our Vision

Water for the Way: Immanuel

Water for the Way: Hosanna

Water for the Way: Why We Praise Him

Water for the way: Grace Extended

Water for the Way: The Presence of Jesus

Water for the Way: Faith in the Promise

Water for the Way: Confronting Sin

Joe Mitchell, Gideon Speaker

Our Vision